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vertical outlet flange series

Product Details


Each set include:

-Manufactured from real stainless steel 304 or 316, 100% new material, Ni%>8%

-high corrosion resistance and uniform appearance

-stainless steel hair filter, easy to clean

-laser welding and leak test every product, guarantee 100% no leakage

-10 years warranty

Technical details:



-any available length from 300 to 2400mm.

-base with 20mm flange each side, standard installation width 70mm, available 80,90,100mm etc.

-installation height 25mm, available to add level feet.

-Outlet diameter 40,45,50,85mm etc.

-Flow capacity 35L/min, European standard En 1253-2, CE certificated.

-Easy to install

-sloped channel body, water flow smoothly

Each set include:

1 pcs* linear drain body

1 pcs* linear drain grate

1 pcs* hair filter

1 pcs* grate lifting hook

1 pcs* installation guide

1 pcs * waterproofing membrane

Grate choice:


Accessories choice:


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