Linear Drain Handbook

Whether you are dealing with a new construction or a remodel project the specifics of the linear drain installation depend on a number of varying factors: site conditions, waterproofing method, waste pipe location, curbed or no curb, slope/pitch. Whatever your need we have the right product for you specific project no matter if you choose one of our standard sized linear drain or a Custom Service which allows you to specify the length and location of the outlet in the lower channel. With an industry leading 72hr turn-around time you can rest assured your project will remain on

schedule. Please contact us with questions regarding your specific installation.

Linear Drain Benefits

A traditional center drain requires your wet (shower) area to be sloped/pitched in 4 directions typically referred to as a 4-way slope/pitch, requires a curb and limits tile size choice to small sized tiles which in turn requires many grout lines which are hard to clean and are not waterproof.

A linear/channel drain gives you the ability to pitch your floor in one direction opening up design possibilities and time savings. You can use large format tiles, limiting the amount of grout lines. Have the option to do a curbless entrance for easy entry and ADA compliance. With 4 unique grate top options to choose you can match any design style.

Site Conditions

Whether it be a new construction or a remodel the position of the linear drain is dependent on the waste line location. This location can be either pre-determined or already existent. If already existent, depending on site conditions, the waste line can be moved. If not our Custom service allows you to specify the overall length and positon of the outlet in the lower channel. With an industry leading 72hr turn-around time you can rest assured your project will remain on schedule.


All wet (shower) areas must have a sloped floor towards the outlet at 2% per foot (consult local codes for your area). Traditionally this is a 4-way slope towards the center of the wet area significantly limiting design options and tile size choice.

Linear drains make it possible to slope your floor in a single direction, significantly opening up design flexibility, tile size choice and the option for a curbless installation while eliminating a percentage of unsightly grout lines that can cause water damage. Line linear drains both allow the ability to create compliant showers and wet-rooms allowing the linear drain to be installed as a barrier drain between your wet and dry area. Layout and joist direction will determine how a proper 2% per foot slope can be achieved and the position of the linear drain.


Common Linear Drain Placements

​more than one installation type can be used in conjunction with one another


Shower Drain Installation Cross-Section Diagram

For side outlet drain


For down side outlet drai



Our stainless steel products are made of 304 stainless and require no special maintenance. This material is non-porous, hygienic, rust-free, resistant to mold and fungi and extremely durable. DO NOT use any abrasive cleaners or allow household cleaning agents, such as bleach, sit on your drain cover for a long period of time. Stainless steel does not rust but external factors may have caused ”surface” rust which can be removed using a scour pad, always brushing in the direction of the grain. A scour pad can also be used to refresh the look of any grate top with a brushed satin finish by gently brushing the direction of the grain.

All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid.

The grate may be removed to clean the channel body and the drainpipe. Stainless steel grates exposed to the environment or aggressive substances should be cleaned periodically using a mild household cleaner. Regular cleaning maintains the neat appearance of stainless steel and reduces the risk of corrosion.



The information provided in this package are general guidelines and a licensed professional should always be used when installing our products. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.